The Well Formed Outcome

Outcome thinking is a very powerful tool.

The Well Formed Outcome is a systematic approach to clarifying what you want. The elements of outcome thinking are drawn from people in all walks of life who consistently achieve what they want in a way that is compatible both with those around them and with their environment. This is an extremely versatile tool. I have presented this to entrepreneurs, those interested in goal achievement and self-fulfillment, and most recently, with aspiring performers.

By following the steps to setting a well formed outcome you are modeling the
way these successful people think about outcomes.

This way of thinking works in all situations and at all levels, from setting an outcome for a five minute discussion, to establishing a vision for a company. The success comes from ensuring that your thinking about your outcomes meets all the conditions for a well formed outcome. Each element is crucial to the eventual likelihood of success.

1. State the goal in the positive

2. State what you can do

3. Contextualize the goal

4. State it in sensory based terms

5. Articulate it as bite- sized steps and stages

6. Identify what resources will be required to achieve the goal

7. Check for ecology

8. Specific the evidence for achievement of the goal