” If you want to go fast go alone but, if you want to go far go together”. This quote captures the essence of networking accurately. In truth, networking is just a fancy word for building a community. A space where like minded people, explore passions and talents of their own and of their peers. It is fascinating how todays generation requires to devout extra time and attention to go out and network. Where as, essentially its just helping a human out!

How many people go out to endless networking events to meet the right person and land a job for themselves. Are you a part of the mob too? Well, the problem is in that very sentence. There is a very basic flaw in their motive that is , it is extremely selfish. People go to these networking events to land “themselves” a job.Hence, when you approach an individual at a networking event try treating them as an individual, as a person with different passions and interest compared to your own rather than treating them as an opportunity. It is about forming a deeper, meaningful and a long lasting connection and not one that leaves the other person feeling used. And God forbid, you come a across a seasoned networker, you will end up closing doors for yourself.

Keeping people interested and engaged is an art of its own. With the information mania we are surrounded by these days it is difficult to capture the other persons attention. It is obviously impossible to know everything about everything. But it is possible to know everything about a few things. Something you read last week in the newspaper can be of great value to someone you meet. As it is rightly said knowledge is power and knowledge will be the source of power for your networking abilities.

Our next blog post will be an interview with the creator and founder of Climbing the Success Ladder , Coach and networking professional Tom Maloney. Stay tuned for more networking tips that will make your climb to success easier.


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