The Essential Mind Power Training

Join us for a comprehensive experience in dynamic visualization and imagery meditation. We use our Mind all the time. Yet most of us haven’t the slightest idea how to effectively unleash the amazing power of our subconscious and enhance our intuition. Now is the perfect time to develop the unlimited potential of your own mind to achieve your specific objectives.

Learn a variety of effective, proven and sensible techniques that you can use in every-day life.
•Discover extraordinary levels of awareness and intuition.
•Learn how to achieve a sense of peace and growth, even in times of challenge.
•Change limiting, negative attitudes to positive healthy ones.
•Create new rewarding and life-enhancing habits and behaviors.
•Access your inner resources easily, when you need them.

You will learn meditation skills based on the latest brain-mind research and universal concepts in Neuro Linguistic Programming. You will walk away with a toolkit to use in every aspect of your life.