All About Love

What is love and how can we cultivate meaningful connections? Come explore this question with us!

Love is the force that nurtures life. Love helps us build resilience and face challenges. Love is at the heart of thriving relationships. We can express love in many ways: passionate love, maternal love, our love of friends, and self acceptance are just a few.

Join us for this workshop, where five love experts will engage you in learning about the various manifestations of love. You will be given ways to open your heart for more of that vital force called love. In the course of a daylong seminar, you will hear inspirational stories, learn about how love works in the brain, and journey through powerful experiential exercises. Our speakers will offer a variety of practical exercises, tools, and tips for participants to use on their own to create a life full of love.

Love encompasses kindness, compassion and affection. Love shows in actions of kindness towards others, one’s self, living beings, as well as humanity as a whole. Learning how to engage in healthy, strong, love-based relationships is an essential tool in the development of any individual as well as in the evolution of our society.