This week, we conducted an interview with our founder Mr. Thomas Maloney and gained some valuable insights from his experience. He is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming and a life coach.

” The business world revolves around who you know. You never know which opportunities can arise because of a contact”, said Tom. This really resonated with me . In the actual business world it is all about negotiating and an integral part of negotiating is trust. Networking builds trust and having a group of trusted individuals sharing ideas goes on to create a tight knit community.

Networking events are present us with tricky situations. Should we get straight to the point ? Should we tell them our real motive early on? If this is your approach people are going to learn soon and fast that your gain is the only thing on your mind. The growth mindset is what will attract the most valuable people to you. The growth mindset being the want to constantly feed your brain with information with the simple motive of LEARNING.

One of the best ways to start building a network is gauge the need of the person that you are conversing with. What do they need or want? and, is there a way you can help them?. There is a famous subliminal marketing technique called reciprocity. This entails, if you give the opposite person something without them asking for it, they subconsciously feel indebted to you. But, obviously this mindset is a little aggressive when you are actually getting to know someone. Your motive should be genuinely wanting to help them.

Have you ever wondered, Am i interesting enough? Im sure everyone has had these doubts. It’s time we stop dismissing them and actually do something about it. Everyone wants to know people that add value to their lives and not someone that is monotonous. Especially in the business world professionals are constantly updating themselves. It is crucial to know enough to maintain a well informed conversation while networking.

What are some misconceptions while networking? How to start a conversation at networking events? these will be discussed in our next blog.

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