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The Code of Networking

This week, we conducted an interview with our founder Mr. Thomas Maloney and gained some valuable insights from his experience. He is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming and a life coach. ” The business world revolves around who you know. You never know which opportunities can arise because of a contact”, said Tom. This really…
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The Power of Networking

” If you want to go fast go alone but, if you want to go far go together”. This quote captures the essence of networking accurately. In truth, networking is just a fancy word for building a community. A space where like minded people, explore passions and talents of their own and of their peers.…
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Opportunities Everywhere!!

“Bye Shraddha, Good luck for your event today!”, I walked out of my apartment bidding farewell to my roommate. It was a day like any other and I was supposed to meet an old friend of mine as she was in town for a few days. “Yes, I’m graduating form Hult International Business school in…
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Networking & How to master your elevator pitch

Networking One of the most important skills needed to be successful NETWORKING & HOW TO MASTER YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH About This Event Have you ever had a great business idea but didn’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed or can’t seem to communicate your idea in a succinct way. This is a interactive…
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Listening while networking

“Listening may be the most important part of successful net working”
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