Networking One of the most important skills needed to be successful


About This Event

Have you ever had a great business idea but didn’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed or can’t seem to communicate your idea in a succinct way.

This is a interactive workshop aimed at anyone interested in improving their communication skills. Entrepreneurs, aspiring leaders, managers or salespeople.


  • Key factors to consider before networking and pitching any idea
  • 4 simple pitching frameworks that you can use in different networking situations to get your message across.
  • How to elevator pitch and sell your idea in 60 & 30 seconds
  • How to pitch your idea in 1 sentence
  • Learn the most effective way of using storytelling to empower your connecting with others

About the Speaker

Tom Maloney Photo

NLP Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer,
Climbing the Success Ladder

I am a coach, mentor, trainer, entrepreneur and the founder of Climbing the Success Ladder. A Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a certified NLP coach. I have developed a series of programs to help my clients to climb to success and achieve professional goals.

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