“Bye Shraddha, Good luck for your event today!”, I walked out of my apartment bidding farewell to my roommate. It was a day like any other and I was supposed to meet an old friend of mine as she was in town for a few days.

“Yes, I’m graduating form Hult International Business school in a few weeks and I am really excited but, now I have to start looking for an internship.” I said to my friend as were rode on the T to Harvard. “Oh wow! That is amazing! Congratulations”, she said. As we were having this conversation, I didn’t notice the man sitting right in front of me listening intently to our conversation. “Excuse me miss, did you graduate from Hult, I have a few interns from there and I am actually on my way to meet one of them right now.” The man introduced himself as Tom Maloney and said he is a networking professional and coach. He gave me his card and brochure and said I should call him. The rest is history.

After showing my friend around that day, I reached home and greeted my roommate. I told her about my encounter with Tom on the train and he exclaimed with excitement “Oh My God! I just met Tom today and he told me about you!”. As it turns out, she works with Chris who is the founder of Boston New Technology and both Chris and Tom work together. I was astounded, and I simply had to contact Tom again. The moment I got in touch with Tom , I told him about my roommate Shraddha and he recognized her.

Was this fate? Luck? Or a combination of both. Whatever it was, I just could let this opportunity slip through my fingers. After our first meeting I went to as many events possible accompanying Tom and observing his networking skills in action.

It always about what you can do for the other person and what can you get them to do for you. Collaboration and negotiating are a big part of networking. It is also not always about business but about the connections you form on the way and the lives you can impact. I am now interning with Tom and our final goal is to grow his business and build his brand.

Keep your senses alert always and grab any opportunity in sight and this story is just an example of the power of networking.

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