About Tom Maloney


Tom Maloney began his personal journey to success in his early teens, when he first studied creative meditation for goal achievement with the Silva Method. Since that time he has, through numerous disciplines, added to his tool kit while assisting others along their path to achieving their dreams. His passion for studies in the field of personal development led him to the achievement of his own personal dream, teaching and empowering others through the Meditation for Intuitive Awareness Program.  A Master Practitioner of NLP and a Certified NLP Coach. Tom has dedicated his life to building viable futures from the inside out.

Programs offered by Tom Maloney for Climbing the Success Ladder are 21 Day New Habit Generator – All About Love – Dreams Come True – Meditation for Intuitive Awareness Program – Power of Connection Seminar and Well Formed Outcomes Seminars. The Well-Formed Outcome is a great tool for a business that is in the development stage. This way of thinking works in all situations and at all levels, from setting an outcome for a five-minute discussion, to establishing a vision for a company. The success comes from ensuring that your thinking about your outcomes meets all the conditions for a well-formed outcome. Each element is crucial to the eventual likelihood of success. Outcomes set a direction. You may not ever reach a “goal”, but as an outcome, it organizes your choices of interactions with your goal every day without conscious thought. Well-formed outcomes are compelling and Compelling goals are more motivating. How can you represent your outcomes so they propel you?