Workshops and Classes

My collaborators and I offer various workshops throughout the year on topics such as goal setting, intuition, dynamic meditation, change, balance and overcoming challenges.  My most popular workshops are The Well Formed Outcome, Meditation for Intuitive Awareness, 21 Day Habit Generator, All About Love, Dreams Come True and the Power of Connection/Networking.

21 Day Habit Generator

A habit is a learned pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that is becomes automatic. Often there is a particular stimulus, or trigger, that activates the automatic behavioral response. You can acquire new habits and find out the best way to develop a trigger of how you are mentally working. You will learn your pitfalls when you are working alone and how to avoid them. You will learn to develop positive self-generated work habits. We will tour a few workplaces around the Boston area. That way you can experience the different places you can work, each offering different amenities, views, and locations.

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All About Love

What is love and how can we cultivate meaningful connections?

Love is the force that nurtures life. Love helps us build resilience and face challenges. Love is at the heart of thriving relationships. We can express love in many ways: passionate love, maternal love, our love of friends, and self-acceptance are just a few.

Join us for this workshop, where five love experts will engage you in learning about the various manifestations of love. You will be given ways to open your heart for more of that vital force called love. In the course of a daylong seminar, you will hear inspirational stories, learn about how love works in the brain, and journey through powerful experiential exercises. Our speakers will offer a variety of practical exercises, tools, and tips for participants to use on their own to create a life full of love.

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Meditation for Intuitive Awareness

Join us for a comprehensive experience in dynamic visualization and imagery meditation. We use our Mind all the time. Yet most of us haven’t the slightest idea how to effectively unleash the amazing power of our subconscious and enhance our intuition. Click the word Eventbrite on the calendar below to find out when the next Training is scheduled. 

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Dreams Come True

Seeing your dreams become reality feels awesome!
Dreams come true easily when they are personally meaningful. Set your authentic dreams for success by turning them into well-formed goals and outcomes. Progressing towards goals brings meaning, confidence and more satisfaction in our lives. Meeting challenges, pursuing dreams, and adopting healthier habits improve our wellbeing and happiness.

Open your mind to change, develop a healthier perspective about your dreams, adopt new habits without depleting your willpower, successfully maintain progress towards goals and avoid the frustration of failure. You will be offered positive psychology tips and tools for achieving your authentic goals and resolutions. You will be invited to journey through the Well Formed Outcome method to clarify all aspects of a specific goal of yours. Meditation and visualization practices will enhance the process. You will also have the opportunity to design your own personal mini meditation.

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The Well Formed Outcome

Outcome thinking is a very powerful tool.

The Well Formed Outcome is a systematic approach to clarifying what you want. The elements of outcome thinking are drawn from people in all walks of life who consistently achieve what they want in a way that is compatible both with those around them and with their environment.  

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The Power of Connection

We all know that first impressions last a life time. Upon introduction, you have one powerful moment to leave people with a lasting image of who you are and what you have to offer. One of the biggest mistakes in networking is not knowing what to say. Knowing what to say and how to say it comes from knowing yourself and your purpose. But, knowing what to say is only half the battle. This seminar will leave you with a system and strategy to get the best results from your various networking opportunities and will prepare you to make effective connections to expand your network.

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