Dusting Off Your Dreams

I do not know why you would put your dreams in boxes,
and cover them with fear.

I do not know when life got in your way, when you decided you would settle for
the second best.

I do not know which person broke your heart
or shattered all you once held dear,
or threw some dreams too far for you to catch.

But this I know.
There is no better time than now
to find your dreams again,
to dust them down or chase them.
They are not lost,
they’re either just forgotten or not needed,
and new dreams sit there waiting for your co-creation.

It’s time to dare again.
To dare to run and chase your dreams.
You could not catch them then, perhaps.
But now your legs and arms are stronger,
built by all the lessons for your soul.

The past is past, so bless it, let it go.
It brought you to your present,
and tipping points of possibility.
In making time for dreams or new adventures,
you’ll have no time to cling to hurt, or guilt or shame, for look.
Your future beckons.

Listen to the whispers of
your heart’s desire.

Let go your doubts,
your fear of shining.
Stand tall in space and silence,
and hold your dreams aloft, to see them glitter,
hear your heart’s new calling.
Just feel your way to joy and hope.

For hope for you
brings hope to others too;
and stepping out to catch your dreams
will all-ways change the world for better.

The world needs dreamers who will do.
So call your dreams and tribe to gather.
Let them find you dancing,
and let them sing your soul to love, and light, and peace.

© Caroline Johnstone 2013

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