New Show: A New Day Hosts Tom Maloney and Boriana Zaneva on MYOB

A New Day For The UR Business Network

Changing out mindset to think positively can dramatically improve our performance and quality of life.

That is the premise for A New Day: another great new show on the UR Business Network.

tom maloney a new dayboriana zanevaRick Brutti introduces the co-hosts Tom Maloney and Boriana Zaneva, who are ready to bring the best out of us, to help us grow and be a better version of ourselves every day. They bring us an exciting show dedicated to making life better for all of us. The show is for anyone interested in personal growth.

What do you want out of work, life, or your relationships? What will you gain if you achieve what you want? What will you lose? We are happiest making progress on our goals, but some of us aren’t even sure what to reach for. And some of us keep it all going, but with no real endgame. Personal, professional, or otherwise, we feel better when we move forward. Tom and Boriana will help get you in motion.

Tom, a frequent guest on URBN, is an entrepreneurship, team and relationship coach. He works with clients who want to be entrepreneurs or get clear as to their career, helping them gain clarity as to what business they should be doing by using the Well Formed Outcome. Boriana specializes in Positive Psychology as consultant, speaker ,writer, and artist with a background in linguistics and writing, complimented by lifelong practice of meditation, yoga and tai chi. She combines practices bridging across ancient teachings, intuitive findings and cutting-edge science to personal growth and well being, as well as organizational development.

Together, through the use of Positive Psychology and various Happiness techniques, they will explore and open new ways of living life. Let’s start a New Day on the UR Business Network.

Check out New Show: A New Day Hosts Tom Maloney and Boriana Zaneva on MYOB

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